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Workshop on Social Finance – Date TBC
Workshop on Fund Raising for Community and Voluntary Organisations – Date TBC

​Accredited Programmes:
Introduction to Astronomy
Date and Location:  22nd and 23rd March, Royal Valentia Hotel, Valentia Island, Co. Kerry.
Cost €60
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Introduction to Ireland’s Marine Heritage and Wildlife
Date and Location:  6th and 7th April, Waterville, Co. Kerry.
Cost €60
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Diploma in Environmental Science and Social Policy

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Marine Heritage and Wildlife

 April 6th and 7th – €60
This course is an introduction to Ireland’s rich marine heritage and sea life. The Wild Atlantic Way is fast becoming one of the world’s most iconic tourist attractions, yet have you thought about what lies beneath the waves? Learn about some of the whales and dolphins that make Ireland one of the top viewing places for these amazing creatures! Discover coastal biodiversity and conduct a citizen science survey of a local shoreline. Take a boat trip to survey for whales and dolphins (weather permitting). Learn about our ancestors inherent connection with the coast and why we still are drawn to it. Explore marine eco-tourism opportunities and coastal conservation initiatives. This is a great course for anyone interested in learning more about Irelands Ocean, marine life and our connection with it.

Introduction to Astronomy

March 22nd and 23rd – €60
This course will provide a basic introduction to Astronomy, from an observational viewpoint, starting with the Earth and its local environment within the Solar System, moving to the Galaxy, and the Universe at large. An introduction to the connection between archaeology and astronomy will also be discussed and course participants will have the opportunity to observe the night sky (weather permitting)

Ancient Ireland


This module in Ancient Ireland is designed to introduce students to the culture of early medieval Ireland, and to illuminate connections between its literature, mythology, religion, society and material culture. Giving particular emphasis to the tales, as a window onto both the culture which produced them and the traditions on which they drew, this short course will open up a rich world of myth, legend, poetry, history and traditions, providing an understanding of the past which enriches our view of the present.