Teamwork and Group led learning

An interactive modern space making it easy to move around and more conducive to learning. A learning space which supports active learning through a flexible working space which allows multiple teaching and learning styles alongside high speed access to online resources and supports.

Discussion and Collaboration

The flexibility to work in-class or via wireless instructional technologies which are designed to enhance the collaborative classroom, making the space student and learning centered, working together to help each other understand content, solve problems or create projects and products with the instructor working as a moderator or facilitator.

Tutoring and Mentoring

The Centre offers a location as a place of mentoring and tutoring, a space that is formal, informal, virtual or face-to-face in structure. It offers a space where relationships can be strengthened, a place to stop and reflect, a space to learn and plan as well as a place to connect.

Location Field Trips

The Skellig Coast region, perfect for field based activities, is a renowned area for geology, archaeology, marine and coastal studies, upland management and habitat protection, rural social studies to name just a few field-based opportunities which the area offers.